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emergency evacuation plan

A definite plan to deal with major emergencies is an important element of Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. All companies are required to have an emergency evacuation plan. This will help the organisation meet their legal obligations. 

An emergency plan starts with the MHI Risk Assessment or the process hazard analysis. Once the hazards have been evaluated, the organisation will have to determine the measures to mitigate the hazards. Mitigating the hazards involve implementing engineering controls, administrative and/or personal protective equipment. In the event that, there is an unplanned release, explosion or fire the employees on site will have to be evacuated safely. 

The emergency response plan will detail how, who and when to initiate a site wide evacuation. The plan will be developed with the input of site personnel. The employees will be training on the final plan, and after a predetermined period a site drill will be held together with the local fire department. The drill will demonstrate the understanding of the emergency plan, the roles and responsibilities and the effectiveness of the plan. A feedback session after the drill, will serve to identify all short comings of the emergency response plan. 

The safety exercise will promote safety awareness and will show the organisation's commitment to the safety of their workers.

We at MHI Risk Engineers, will provide a turnkey solution to develop the emergency plan, train employees on the emergency response plan and conduct the drills for the emergency preparedness plan. The emergency response plan is developed according to the SANS 1514:2019 standard. Contact us today for a solution!