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Blog posts January 2019

Process Safety explained

Process safety generally refers to the prevention of unintentional releases of chemicals, energy, or other potentially dangerous materials (including steam) during the course of chemical processes that can have a serious effect to the plant and environment. Process safety involves, for example, the…

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Process Safety Explained

A common tool used to explain the various different but connected systems related to achieving process safety is described by James T. Reason's Swiss cheese model. In this model, barriers that prevent, detect, control and mitigate a major accident are depicted as slices, each having a number of ho…

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Occupational Safety

Occupational safety and health primarily covers the management of personal safety. Well developed management systems also address process safety issues. The tools, techniques, programs etc. required to manage both process and occupational safety can sometimes be the same (for example a work permi…

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Process Safety

Process Safety is a disciplined framework for managing the integrity of operating systems and processes handling hazardous substances by applying good design principles, engineering, and operating practices.

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MHI Regulations

MHI Regulations 6(2) Any person responsible for a pipeline that could pose a threat to the general public shall inform the relevant local government for the establishment and implementation of an on-site emergency plan.

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment is the process of collecting organising, analysing , interpreting communicating and implementing information in order to identify the probable frequency, magnitude and nature of any major incident which could occur at a major hazard installation and the measures required to remov…

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MHI Regulations - Frequency

The MHI Risk Assessment is required by Department of Labour to be completed every five years, or if there are proposed changes to the facility which could change the risk to the society surrounding the facility. OSH Act, MHI Regulations, Section 5(1)

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Temporary Installations Osh Act

Osh Act 85 of 1993, Major Hazardous Regulation (4),  Summary :A temporary installation for example, a discharge from an iso-tainer, must be reviewed under the MHI Regulations. If the temporary installation meets the criteria for an MHI , the company must take steps to ensure that the risk assessment…

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EXPLOSION AT ACETYLENE PLANT DUE TO AccumulatIon of Flammable Gases # Risk Assessment

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