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The major hazard regulations is part of the Occupational health and safety act. The MHI Regulations applies to all employers and owners of hazardous chemical substances . The purpose of the regulations is to ensure that chemical companies reduce the risk to the employees and community As Low As Reasonably Possible (ALARP). The regulations apply to many plant operations. If a company deals with more than a 1000 kg of a hazardous product it could be classified as an MHI. To determine is your facility is an MHI, it is the responsibility of the owners/employers to commission a MHI Risk Assessment. The purpose of the MHI Risk Assessment is to reduce the risk of a major accident or incident and hence reducing the risk to employees and members of the public. The MHI Risk Assessment will also determine if the plant should be classified as an MHI. The regulations are here to protect people and our businesses.

Fire to chemical storage plant - Process safety management system failed


The image below shows a drum fire - Reaction of incompatible materials / combustible material

Chemical Truck Fire - Transportation of Incompatible Materials

Rupture of a Crude Oil Tank - Cost of product lost and clean up$$$

HOT WORK - Do you have a hot work permit system?

Toxic gas release - Emergency evacuation plan


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